Trotters going forward

Monday November 2, 2020

Dear Members of the VSTA,

How good was the Redwood meeting at Maryborough yesterday? Congratulations to all those involved in putting on the COVID-19 version of this classic day. Sincere congratulations to all winning horses, owners, trainers and drivers. Let’s keep the momentum going in our endeavors to promote and grow all things square trotting.

Over the last few months the VSTA Executive has met, within the COVID-19 restrictions, to brainstorm initiatives that may sustain and grow racing opportunities for square trotters. The result has been a proposal, Back to the Future, which has been shared with HRV and other industry kindred bodies. In general, the document has been well received.

Back to the Future contains numerous strategies that we would like trialed by HRV. The aims of these strategies are:

· To provide racing opportunities for all horses who qualify

· Keep as many of the horses bred in work and racing as possible

· Increase foal and race horse numbers

· Provide support for smaller stables and hobbyists to stay in the game

· Increase turnover

· Encourage diversity of horses, races and participants.

HRV have agreed to trial one of the many strategies proposed (we will keep pushing the others every chance we get). Over the coming weeks they will be programming more races for horses with a lower NR. The exciting aspect of this is that fields will be selected bottom up. We are hoping that this will open up a whole new lot of racing opportunities for these horses and connections. The VSTA Executive is urgently asking you to support these races. Let’s flood HRV with nominations so it is very clear that there are large numbers of horses and participants who want these opportunities to race and hopefully win!!!!

If you have any questions about these races or the proposal in general, please contact us.

Yours in trotting,

Nick Youngson Les Chapman Katrina Knight

VSTA President VSTA Vice-President Secretary