Objectives of the VSTA



To be a democratically elected voice on behalf of the members and conduct the affairs of the Association in a fair and unbiased manner.

To operate the affairs of the Victorian Square Trotters Association Inc. in a prudent and financially sound manner.

To represent the interests of its members with relevant bodies such as:

Harness Racing Victoria

Australian Square Trotting Association

Australian Harness Racing Council

Other State Trotting Associations


To advise and lobby relevant bodies on the needs and on issues affecting its members participation in the harness racing industry.

To encourage, support and promote new participants in the industry.

To cooperate with all Associations in harness racing and advise them on the problems that may affect the trotter.

To encourage and attract Owners into the sport of harness racing.

To ensure effective consultation with Harness Racing Victoria and Kindred Bodies.

To encourage and assist interested persons in their endeavours with the trotter.